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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I go to get the True Topper™ system installed on my RV?

We currently have two locations. One is in Eugene, Oregon and the second one is at Pro Finishes in Belmont, Mississippi (right next to Red Bay Alabama). To get started, call us today at (541) 203 - 0313.

How long does it take to retrofit my RV with the True Topper™ system?

It usually takes about 2 hours per slideroom.

Can I have my True Topper™ painted to match my RV?

Yes, the True Topper™ comes standard as black or white and it can easily be painted custom to match your RV upon request.

Technical Questions

Will the True Topper™ work on a slideroom with a membrane roof top?

Yes. The True Topper™ can be installed over membrane roofs as well as fiberglass and aluminum. The True Topper™ applies very little force against the roof of your slideroom, plus they are fitted with a high slip material to allow for a smooth non-abrasive sweep from one side to the other.

My RV has a flange across the top of the slideroom, can it still be retrofit with the True Topper™?

Yes, we can retrofit most sliderooms to accommodate the True Topper™, even if your slideroom comes from the factory with a flange (lip) across the top of the slideroom.

What happens to the factory flange along the roof of my slideroom the True Topper™ is installed? 

The upper flange or "lip" along the roof of the slideroom is trimmed and replaced with a low profile cover which is attached over the remaining molding. All factory structure and seals are left undisturbed.

flange trim diagram(1).png

Is the factory roof flange a necessary part of the slideroom design?

No it is not. In fact, the roof flange is a common reason for debris becoming trapped on your slideroom in the first place. With the installations of the True Topper™, the old flange can be eliminated and replaced with our low-profile cover. 

Smash flange(1).png

The True Topper™ eliminates the “debris-trapping” problem, sweeps off your roof and provides a superior seal to the slideroom.

no flange clean sweep(1).png

I understand slide toppers are primarily designed to eliminate debris from the roof of my slideroom, but I would like some added rain protections as well.  How does the True Topper perform in this area compared to traditional awning style toppers?

Traditional awning style toppers do a pretty good job of preventing rain from landing directly onto the roof of a slideroom, but often water still collects and pools on the roof due to wind or leaking through the awning material.  When a slideroom using this style of topper is retracted, much of the water collected on the roof will be forced to the interior of the RV because it is trapped by the roof flange.  When using a True Topper™ there is no flange in the way, so water is free to exit the roof while it is being retracted and swept. In addition, most RVs have two wipe seals to act as a squeegee across the roof of the slideroom.  The True Topper™ includes a 3rd wipe seal to provide 50% more wiping action as your slideroom travels inward.  The True Topper™ has consistently shown an equal or better result when tested at some of the industry’s most rigorous torrential rain booths provided by leading manufactures such as Winnebago Industries and Tiffin Motorhomes. 

water test_winnebago_2.png
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