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Superior performance without the headache

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True Topper® was featured on

Fox RV Travel's blog. 

Aaron & Chris of Irene Iron Travel had the True Topper® installed on their Alliance fifth wheel. Check out their install video. Watch to the end for Aaron's 3 month review of the True Topper®. 

Check out what AZ Expert has to say about the True Topper® system.

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The True Topper® system was recently featured by the RV geeks. Click below to read more

Yes!! - we can retrofit most styles of sliderooms,
even sliderooms with a flange/lip along the roof edge.



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Are you tired of your slideroom toppers flapping in the wind? The True Topper® solves this issue and so much more!

Awnings tend to sag and collect debris, which at times must be cleaned out by hand before being closed. They can also collect pools of water, which can turn into chunks of sticky ice. Owners of the True Topper® never have to worry about standing outside to scoop out handfuls of wet leaves or chip off pieces of ice again.


"I was blown away by how well everything worked, even with the wet snow conditions. So simple. I will never go back to awning toppers. Thanks again to Neil and the rest of the install crew!" - Dustin Thomas, Roseburg Oregon

The True Topper® is a solid aluminum sweep fitted with a high slip material on the leading edge, allowing for a smooth non-abrasive glide that gracefully removes any debris that has collected on the roof top each time the slideroom is retracted. The True Topper® includes a 3rd wipe seal, a feature that is exclusive to this product.

Have questions? Click the button below to see frequently asked questions.

Pete and Karen's story


Until we installed the "True Topper" on our slideouts, we weathered strong storms and winds by closing our slideouts in order to prevent damage and to stop the noise of the violent flapping of our awnings. Nothing worse than worrying about the awnings or trying to sleep in a windstorm with awnings flapping. For peace of mind we've spent hours and/or the night with the slides retracted. While traveling home from Eugene, Oregon after the True Topper® installation, we were hit by a large cell consisting of heavy rain, strong winds, thunder and lightning. It was truly wonderful not having to hear the noise of awnings flapping and asking each other if we should bring in the slides to prevent damage to the awnings. Thereupon, when we retracted our slides, we found the slide tops to be perfectly squeegeed clean and dry. The installation was very professional and timely. Management couldn't of been any nicer and accommodating. Everyone treated us like family. I whole hardheartedly recommend the install of a "True Topper" on all your slides. Pete & Karen J.

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Why choose the True Topper®?

Unlike awnings, which stick out from the side of the vehicle and flap in the wind, causing drag, noise, and often damage, the True Topper® is a stable, one-piece component that glides down the road silently unaffected by the wind resistance. All the moving parts, diverse materials, and constant adjustments required by awnings result in a product that malfunctions frequently and must be replaced every few years. This is why more RVers are making the switch to the True Topper®.  With a sleek, low-profile design and vastly superior performance, the True Topper® is the proper way to manage your slide room rooftops. The True Topper® comes with a lifetime warranty on parts. Not only will it outperform awnings, but it will outlast them as well.

Traditional awning toppers flapping in the breeze

Traditional awning toppers are notorious for flapping in the wind. Even a slight breeze can cause them to flap noisily, which is not only a nuisance, but can also lead to tears in the fabric and other costly repairs. As a result, RV owners are often forced to retract their sliderooms, sacrificing precious interior space. 

The True Topper® simply does not flap in the wind. With the True Topper® you can leave your sliderooms fully extended regardless of the wind.

Interested in receiving a estimate for the True Topper®?
Send us the flange to flange measurements of your slideroom. Please send us your measurements in inches.

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The True topper®, also known as the Topless Topper®, is proudly featured on select Tiffin Motorhomes Zephyr and Allegro Breeze. We are now offering the True Topper® as an aftermarket alternative to slideroom awnings for RV owners.

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