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"A game changer!"
Tiffin Motorhomes

Seamless Slides® are the world's only one-piece slideroom with a built-in flange. These patented sliderooms innovatively surpass conventional slideroom technology on most fronts, excelling in beauty, efficiency, durability, and compatibility. They are compatible with all slide mechanisms and roller designs, and can be manufactured to virtually any specifications. Whether you want a flush-floor, full-length slide or any other customized design, Seamless Slides® can be built to fit.


Seamless Slides® are molded in one piece, similar to the hull of a yacht and have no seams, holes, or surface irregularities, which has a number of benefits that make Seamless Slides® stand out from the crowd.


Since there are no seams or holes for water to infiltrate, Seamless Slides® are 100% watertight.

One-piece construction also gives them unparalleled strength, durability, and dimensional stability without compromising weight. Forget about the loose screws, caulk deterioration, and molding separation typical of conventional sliderooms. Seamless Slides® have no screws, caulk, or finicky hardware. They won't shift or sag, messing up the paint job or creating openings for leaks and drafts; aerospace inspired technology allows Seamless Slides® to deliver years of hassle-free reliability.













Corey in boatslide.png

Corey Chase keeping dry while fishing from the inside of a Seamless Slideroom®

Sharp corners and edges are minimized, reducing the risk of injury from accidents such as the commonly reported bumping one's head when bending down to reach things located under an extended slideroom.


They are beautiful. Since all five walls and the flange are molded together in one piece, Seamless Slides® have a uniquely sleek, minimalist appearance, characterized by their low profile and the absence of chunky trim, molding, brackets, or screws. Together with the other components of the Seamless System, which allow the slide room to seal tightly against the side of the vehicle, Seamless Slides® can achieve a low profile and flush appearance that finally bring RV slideroom styles into the 21st century. Freedom from bulky hardware allows Seamless Slides® to wow and inspire with nothing but clean lines and smooth surfaces.


The molding process ensures dimensional consistency and precise repeatable tolerances, making them reliable and predictable to install, unlike conventional slide rooms, the complex construction of which involves a wider margin of error.


The production of Seamless Slides® utilizes closed mold (advanced composite) processes, which reduces green house gas emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option.


Seamless Slides® are compatible with existing slideroom construction and installation processes but significantly minimize the amount of work that needs to be performed by the vehicle manufacturer, allowing them to reduce slide construction overhead and potentially the entire department, as well as minimizing the amount of VOCs produced at the manufacturing site.

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Conventional Flange


Seamless Slides® Flange


Over 40,000 Seamless Slides®  in Motorhomes today

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